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Four reasons to be more involved in your child's swim team!

Even from a small age my mom always supported my love for swimming. When I decided to swim for my high school varsity swim team, it was great to learn that parents played such an important role. My mother volunteered for every opportunity she could for my swim team. Everyone knew her and she knew all my friends. I treasure those moments I had with her at swim meets. I always knew she was there and she played a big part in helping the meets run smoothly. She would always say how much she loved being able to help her sons swim team. She said that I loved the sport of swimming and she loved me and wanted to do everything to support that. Looking back on memories like that brings smiles to my face. Volunteering and getting more involved in your child's swim team really does have such a major impact on your swimmer.

If making powerful memories isn't enough here are four reasons to get more involved with your child's swim team.

Reason 1-Learn more about the sport your child loves!

It takes more than just knowing how to write your child's events, heats, and lanes on their hands to know swimming. You can become so much more involved. Become an official! Learn all the technical rules involved in swimming and really understand why your child got disqualified. Swim meets must have a certain number of officials in order for a meet to even count. Officials in the YMCA swim league are all volunteers like you. Play an important role in your child's sport and really get to know more about what swimming is all about. Be a timer at a swim meet. Timers are very important and provide back up times for when a swimmer doesn't set off the touch pads. Learn how close some races really are in swimming. See how much a bad turn affects a race versus someone with good turns. As a timer you are up close to the all the action. Volunteer as a clerk of course and help guide all the swimmers to the blocks. Really help the younger swimmers learn where to be and make sure no one misses a race. There are so many ways to volunteer and learn more about the world of swimming.

Reason 2-Be able to actually talk about swim team and meets at home!

Volunteering shows that you are actually invested in your child's swim career. You swimmer will look back and cherish those moments with you at meets. Volunteering gets you on deck where you really get to be apart of the swimming world. You will see, hear, and understand aspects of the swim meet that other parents sitting on the bleachers are going to miss out on. Being apart of the meet really lets you carry the conversation because you were a bigger part of it. No more short conversations of "How was the meet?" or "Did you have fun?" Being involved shows your child how much you care and that you really are fully supporting them.

Reason 3-Being on Deck!

Being on deck is a lot of fun! Getting to be part of the action, being involved in the behind the scenes, being active at the swim meet, all lead to a much more fun and exciting event. You get to be up close to watch all of your swimmers events. Don't get stuck not being able to see when the tall guy decides to get up and cheer. When you are being active and having fun it makes the meets go by a lot faster versus just sitting in the bleachers waiting.

Reason 4-Solidifying the idea of swim family!

Swim team is so much more than just another sports team your child plays on. Swim team is in every sense of the word a family. We support each other, push each other to be the best, we love everyone in our swim family. By volunteering and getting involved it really adds foundation to that. It also makes you an important part of the swim family. It will help you create memories that last a lifetime. Getting involved helps you learn about and get to know the other swim parents, maybe even make a few new friends. It also helps you learn who your child's friends are on the team and get to know them.

The benefits of becoming more involved in swimming are numerous and the impact it will make in the sport and to your swimmer is massive. Help support your child and become more involved their swim team!